Our Investment in Green Technology

Some people complain that the government is spending too much money on “green initiatives” or “green technology.” They say we are throwing good money after bad. They suggest that we have obviously failed and should give up. Check out the Heritage Foundation’s indictment of our President.


I tend to disagree. Here’s why:

You have to understand the difference between cost and value. Rather, the average consumer does. I think it’s perfectly acceptable, commendable in fact that the president and his administration is putting so much emphasis on green technology and it’s application across the country. If we wait until the average consumer clamors for it, it’ll be too late.  Let’s think about this practically for a second.

Does the “global warming” phenomenon affect the average citizen in his or her daily comings and goings? No. It doesn’t. That’s why scientists and “those in the know” find it necessary to implore people to change their daily habits to help with the cause. Keep in mind that they always emphasize the fact that “it may not seem significant but together we can make a big difference” or some other such message. Why is this? It’s because if we “don’t start to change soon it’ll be too late.

So, what about green technology? The purpose of encouraging green technology is to help us continue to operate without depleting our natural resources which ARE in fact finite despite suggestions to the contrary. But, what does that mean to the average consumer. When you fill up your gas tank, do you care how much oil is left in our reserves? Probably not. All you care about is filling your gas tank so you can get to work. As long as you can afford to do that, you’re OK. But if we wait until the supply is low enough to effect prices at the pump, it’s too late to start researching new technologies that take years to develop and even longer to bring to the marketplace. The average consumer doesn’t have the foresight for use to wait for them to pull the trigger.

Now, do I want the country to spend endless amounts of money on something that is ultimately a waste of money? Of course not. But that’s when the difference between cost and value come in. It costs a significant amount of money to encourage these “green jobs” to be sure. Then again, anything worth doing costs. The question is, what’s the value? Is it valuable to be able to preserve our natural resources? Is it valuable to be ready for the eventuality when we HAVE to stop relying on fossil fuels because the supply will be so low? Is it valuable to give companies the ability to change with the technological times instead of being left behind when the rules of the game change (e.g., from petroleum to green energy)? I would say it is valuable. The president is just showing that he’s willing to pay the cost for that value. It just so happens that some people are too narrow-minded to do the same.

This is just one man’s opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

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