If you’ve ever thought about incorporating, read this.

I had been thinking about incorporating a business for some time before I called. I kept hearing about all the tax benefits and figured I should take advantage of them. Millionaires such as Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Donald Trump say that the only way to get ahead in this life is to build a business of your own. It certainly seems that the tax codes favor business owners. So, I decided to call my attorney to talk about it.

Mind you, it was 4:45pm EST when I called. I thought, “I’ll just call and leave a message and they’ll get back to me some time tomorrow.”

Seven minutes later my phone rang and it was my attorney. He called me back 7 MINUTES LATER. I was blown away. What’s more is I commented that I didn’t expect him to call back so quickly and he responded, “We try to provide the best customer service we can for our members.” Have you ever heard an attorney say something like that? He basically told me that he wanted to do the best job he could for me because it was the right thing to do…not because I had tons of money to pay him. I was floored.

You might think that he would try to hurry up and “deal with my issue” quickly so he could be done in time to punch out of the office at 5pm. The exact opposite was true. He and I talk for 45 minutes and set up a time to talk again when I had the ability to take notes. The conversation took as long as it did because he kept asking questions like, “Is there anything else I can answer for you?” and “Is there anything else you don’t quite understand?” before we ended the call. He even recommended I speak with a tax attorney for some of the questions that I had and offered to make the introduction.

You might also think that he would automatically suggest the most expensive option hoping that his outstanding customer service would encourage me to fork over large quantities of cash to him. Again, the opposite is true. Right before we ended the call, he said something to the effect of, “There are two ways we can do this. I can draft all the paperwork for you and charge you the 25% discounted rate or I can tell you how you can do it yourself for free.” When I asked him what the difference would be, he said there wasn’t one and that he would recommend that I do it because he felt confident that I could. Let me tell you, that was music to my ears.

I haven’t called back yet but he’s going to walk me through the process of how to fill out and file the paperwork on my own and talk to me about some of the industry dos and don’ts along the way. Total cost to me…my monthly membership fee. I couldn’t be happier to be a LegalShield member.


About Marcus Tyler

Hello! I am Marcus Tyler, Founder, CEO and Chief Dream Architect of DreamBuilder Enterprises. I empower everyday people just like you create the money and time that they need to fulfill their purpose and live life fully again. I teach, inspire, coach, support, and guide each of my customers to their full potential by helping them reconnect with their dreams in a meaningful way and by putting a system in place to support the realization of that dream. I realized at a young age that my calling is to help people but I had no idea how I would do it. I had no idea how I would get started. However, because of my various life experiences, the tutelage of my mentors and the opportunities with which I have been blessed, I am able to give you the best of what I have to offer and let that be as much a blessing to you and your family as it has been to me and mine. My background is likely much like many of yours. I am a husband to Cheryl and a father to our 5 beautiful children, Tristan, Justice, Veronica, Mason and Mariah. I am a full-time enlisted service member in the United States Army and small business owner. I live, love and support my family the best way I know how and try to make the best of every situation that comes my way. I am a faithful Christian and endeavor to live honorably in the sight of God. I have seen struggle as well as prosperity. I have enjoyed good health and have healed from illness and injury. I know what it feels like to believe and what if feel like to have to borrow the belief of others when mine seemed to run out. Through it all, we have kept moving forward. So, I can appreciate where you are in your life and look forward to the opportunity to help you take the next step on YOUR journey. I will help you gather more skills, more perspective and more wisdom. I will help you dream again and believe that you have the ability to achieve those dreams. With the information and coaching I will provide, you will gather the tools, the confidence, and the support that you need to live any lifestyle that you desire. I look forward to our walk together.
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