The Millionaire Mindset

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If you read my last post “To Be Or Not To Be…There Really Isn’t a Question”, at the end of the article I talked a lot about your ability to solve your chief concern. If you followed instructions (as I sincerely hope you did), then you clearly defined your biggest obstacle (or at least the first one that came to mind) as well as your role in it. As a result, you should have developed a rough idea about what you can do to fix the problem you identified.

At the end of the article, I charged the reader to set your solution in motion and offered an affirmation of my belief that you absolutely can solve the problem. Some of you believed me. Others of you didn’t believe me. Some of you got started on the solution right away. Some of you still haven’t. Some of you may have even started to see the fruit of your labor. Others of you probably let your previous idea about your abilities creep back in and convince you that it was all just a bunch of talk after all. The difference is simple. The difference is what brings me to today’s topic. The difference is some of you have a millionaire mindset and some of you do not. It’s not necessarily your fault. It just is what it is.

So what is it? What is the millionaire mindset? Well, if you believe that you earn according to your skills and characteristics, then your must understand that the way successful people think must be necessarily different from than the way unsuccessful people do. They must understand the world differently and think thoughts that set them and their incomes apart. Below you will a list of characteristics that are fundamentally different between the two groups (in no particular order).

Responsibility: People with a millionaire mindset ALWAYS take responsibility for what happens to them as well as to the people around them. In fact, successful people often take responsibility for things over which they had no control originally. This is especially true if the outcome is negative. They take responsibility because with great responsibility comes great power. You thought it was the other way around, didn’t you…well, it’s that way to but that’s not what we’re talking about here. The reality of the matter is before you can hope to accept the power, you have to be willing to accept the responsibility. Since successful people want to gather and exercise power as often as possible, they look for opportunities to take responsibility. If you want the power, you should as well.

Belief: The millionaire mindset hinges on belief. In order to succeed, you must first believe beyond all doubt that what you set out to accomplish is possible. In fact, most who have the millionaire mindset believe that what they endeavor to accomplish is inevitable.  If there is ever any doubt that doubt is crushed with overwhelming, positive activity, thought and reinforcement. Seeds of doubt are crushed and replaced with training, visualizations of success and focus on the desired results. In the end, belief is maintained because it is often belief can keep you going until the results “catch up.” You need a reserve of belief. Whether it’s your faith or your family, you need somewhere to turn when your belief starts to fade.

Dedication: Those with a millionaire mindset NEVER quit. One way to guarantee failure is to quit. That is why successful people never do. You must be dedicated to seeing the project through to the end no matter what. Without sufficient dedication, you’ll never do what you set out to do. Never quit!

Communication: One with a millionaire mindset must have a message and be willing and able to communicate it clearly to potential customers, team members, mentors, and supporters alike. The message is different to each group but the message is important nonetheless. You might be brilliant but until you can convey that brilliance in a way that is easy to understand and relay to others, your brilliance is trapped inside you. Don’t leave your brilliance trapped. Learn how to give it to others so that they can spread your message with you and for you.

Service: Those with a millionaire mindset often have a servant’s heart. As Jim Rohn said, “Service to others leads to greatness.” The more you serve and give to others, the more will be returned to you. Find a way to serve the many and success is yours.

Love: Finally, you must love if you want to have a millionaire mindset. Love is what ties it all together. If you serve, communicate, believe, and show dedication with love, you are guaranteed success – both monetary and personal.

So, there you have it. That is my definition of the millionaire mindset. I call it that because if you can master these characteristics – make them your own – I believe you will succeed in anything you endeavor at; including business. If you have these characteristics and wish to make a million dollars, you can.

Now, I want to hear what you think. What other characteristics do you think you need that aren’t listed here. I look forward to your feedback.


About Marcus Tyler

Hello! I am Marcus Tyler, Founder, CEO and Chief Dream Architect of DreamBuilder Enterprises. I empower everyday people just like you create the money and time that they need to fulfill their purpose and live life fully again. I teach, inspire, coach, support, and guide each of my customers to their full potential by helping them reconnect with their dreams in a meaningful way and by putting a system in place to support the realization of that dream. I realized at a young age that my calling is to help people but I had no idea how I would do it. I had no idea how I would get started. However, because of my various life experiences, the tutelage of my mentors and the opportunities with which I have been blessed, I am able to give you the best of what I have to offer and let that be as much a blessing to you and your family as it has been to me and mine. My background is likely much like many of yours. I am a husband to Cheryl and a father to our 5 beautiful children, Tristan, Justice, Veronica, Mason and Mariah. I am a full-time enlisted service member in the United States Army and small business owner. I live, love and support my family the best way I know how and try to make the best of every situation that comes my way. I am a faithful Christian and endeavor to live honorably in the sight of God. I have seen struggle as well as prosperity. I have enjoyed good health and have healed from illness and injury. I know what it feels like to believe and what if feel like to have to borrow the belief of others when mine seemed to run out. Through it all, we have kept moving forward. So, I can appreciate where you are in your life and look forward to the opportunity to help you take the next step on YOUR journey. I will help you gather more skills, more perspective and more wisdom. I will help you dream again and believe that you have the ability to achieve those dreams. With the information and coaching I will provide, you will gather the tools, the confidence, and the support that you need to live any lifestyle that you desire. I look forward to our walk together.
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