There are NO Good Excuses!!!

Have you ever made an excuse? Of course you have! We all have. One of my co-workers called me on making an excuse just yesterday. It stung a little. I’ll be honest. I pride myself on my ability to call it like I see it and force others to do the same. When I said the words, “I can’t…” yesterday and the other people in the room recoiled, I had to rephrase and say, “I’m not going to…” instead. Fortunately for me, I had the ability to refuse otherwise I would have been in a pickle…but I digress.

Anyway, I’m here to say, “NO EXCUSE IS A GOOD EXCUSE.” I posted the following as my status several days ago. “When you’re a winner, no excuse is good enough. When you’re a loser, any excuse will do.” Since then, that statement has resonated with me so I felt it warranted more exploration here.

Check out this clip:

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, no matter what excuse you think to yourself or hear someone else say, you have to ask yourself the following question, “Is it true?” If you are totally honest with yourself, you have to admit that you cannot be certain that the excuse is 100% true.

The evidence of this fact is that there are people who have had the life experiences you have had, who possess the things that you have now (or less in some cases), who have learned the things that you now know that are in a better position today than you are at this very moment. They thought they didn’t have the money but somehow they found it.

They thought they weren’t smart enough but somehow they learned what they needed to know. They didn’t have the family background that they thought they needed but somehow that didn’t matter. If they were wrong, what’s to say you aren’t wrong as well?

Can you be certain that your excuses are true? NO, you can’t.

Carl Jung said, “Our most important problems cannot be solved, they must be outgrown.” What that means to YOU have to get better in order for THINGS to get better. You have to make the decision to overcome the obstacles that you would otherwise use as excuses to keep you from what you want. You have to grow taller to reach that next step. Don’t trip over that stumbling block. Grow taller so you can step over it.

So, next time you find yourself making an excuse, remind yourself that you can’t be certain that your excuse is true. That being the case, wouldn’t you rather think about the positive rather than the negative version of the statement?

Think about it!

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