The Day I Almost Got Arrested


Let me tell you why I’m so passionate about legal protection. This is a true story about what happened to me.

I was sitting in my car outside my grandmother’s house one day after dark. I had intended to visit her but I didn’t know if she was awake or not. I could have called ahead but I knew if I called and she was sleeping, she would have had a hard time getting back to sleep. So, I decided to go and see if I could tell if she was up or not before I knocked on the door.

When I arrived, the shades were drawn but I thought I saw lights shining out from the inside. So, I stayed in my car for a moment trying to decide whether to knock or not. Just as I had decided that I had better not chance it, a police officer approached my vehicle and knocked on my window. I guess I looked suspicious sitting out front of the house and he stopped to investigate.

Initially, I felt a little sheepish about the whole thing. I knew instantly what I must have looked like from his perspective. However, when the officer asked me to step out of the car, I realized the situation was much more serious than I had originally thought. My embarrassment turned quickly to white-knuckle fear.

To make a long story short, I was about to be arrested and taken in for questioning when I remembered I had something called LegalShield – meaning I had 24/7 access to legal counsel via an 800 number in the case of an emergency.

So when the officer asked me to step out of the car, I handed him my LegalShield card that states he is required to allow me to contact my attorney immediately if he intends to question or detain me. The officer asked me to “hang on a minute” and took the card, my license and registration back to his patrol car a second time. When he returned to my vehicle, his demeanor was totally different. He apologized for the mistake and wished me a good night and went on his way.

Because of LegalShield. I didn’t get arrested that night. We all have a right to an attorney in situations such as that but how many of us have access – not to mention affordable access.

The peace of mind this membership gives allows me to worry less and live more!

Thank you for reading my story.


About Marcus Tyler

Hello! I am Marcus Tyler, Founder, CEO and Chief Dream Architect of DreamBuilder Enterprises. I empower everyday people just like you create the money and time that they need to fulfill their purpose and live life fully again. I teach, inspire, coach, support, and guide each of my customers to their full potential by helping them reconnect with their dreams in a meaningful way and by putting a system in place to support the realization of that dream. I realized at a young age that my calling is to help people but I had no idea how I would do it. I had no idea how I would get started. However, because of my various life experiences, the tutelage of my mentors and the opportunities with which I have been blessed, I am able to give you the best of what I have to offer and let that be as much a blessing to you and your family as it has been to me and mine. My background is likely much like many of yours. I am a husband to Cheryl and a father to our 5 beautiful children, Tristan, Justice, Veronica, Mason and Mariah. I am a full-time enlisted service member in the United States Army and small business owner. I live, love and support my family the best way I know how and try to make the best of every situation that comes my way. I am a faithful Christian and endeavor to live honorably in the sight of God. I have seen struggle as well as prosperity. I have enjoyed good health and have healed from illness and injury. I know what it feels like to believe and what if feel like to have to borrow the belief of others when mine seemed to run out. Through it all, we have kept moving forward. So, I can appreciate where you are in your life and look forward to the opportunity to help you take the next step on YOUR journey. I will help you gather more skills, more perspective and more wisdom. I will help you dream again and believe that you have the ability to achieve those dreams. With the information and coaching I will provide, you will gather the tools, the confidence, and the support that you need to live any lifestyle that you desire. I look forward to our walk together.
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